• Doctoral Candidate – Public Health, UC-Berkeley. 2014
  • CET - Management of Technology, Engineering-UC-Berkeley. 2012
  • Ms Sc - Health Sciences, National Institute of Public Health, Mexico
  • Bs Sc Psychology, Programming
  • Link to Personal website

I am doctoral candidate in Health, Technology and Statistics at the School of Public Health-Berkeley. I do research on design thinking and health. Previously, I researched the impact and effectiveness of programs, policies and intervention design in the governmental and social sector. After working for 6 years as researcher and consultant, I decided to take a long sabbatical in order to find a better way to improve the healthcare sector. With a Fulbright and CONACYT scholarship, I came to study a doctoral degree at Berkeley.


My theoretical work focuses on the epistemology, methodology and application of design-thinking. I focus on translational science. My doctoral dissertation focuses on establishing a theoretical foundation for using design-thinking within the context of Epidemiology and Health Promotion. As a case example, I am working in the development of an adaptive intervention for weight-loss maintenance.


My practical work focuses on the development of new, disruptive services in the health sector.


My political, pro-bono work focuses on promoting design thinking in health sector stake-holders. My goal is to improve the way we develop solutions for our most urgent health problems, like childhood obesity, metabolic control of chronic diseases and health risk prevention.


My inspiration comes from all those persons not so lucky to come to study at an university like Berkeley. Those for whom the proper design of a healthcare program might make the difference between a life with plenitude or with needless suffering.

The best solutions for our most critical Health Sector problems have yet to come into existence. Our first step is to embrace design-thinking to generate, iteratively and recursively, these solutions.

Research Interests:

  • Application of design thinking to solve Health and Social Problems.
  • Massive-scale solutions for improving Behaviors, Habits and Lifestyles.
  • Statistical Analysis for determining causality.


  • 2014. UC-Berkeley. Mini-grant for launching Design Thinking workshops
  • 2013. Department of Consumer's right. Grant for improving consumer's food selection
  • 2012. Center for Latin American Studies. Scholarship
  • 2011. John Hopkins SPH, PhD scholarship (declined)
  • 2010. Fulbright scholarship for PhD studies 
  • Pre-doctoral prizes: high honours on Bachelor's degree, pre-university prizes on chemistry and mathematics.