J. Theodore (Ted) Peña obtained a BA in Classics and Archaeology from Wesleyan University and an M.A. and Ph.D. from the Interdepartmental Program in Classical Art and Archaeology at the University of Michigan.  Before joining the faculty of the Department of Classics at the University of California, Berkeley in 2009 he served on the faculty of the University at Albany, SUNY, and University at Buffalo, SUNY, where he was chair of the Department of Classics and the founding director of the Institute for European and Mediterranean Archaeology (IEMA).  He currently serves as acting chair of the Graduate Group in Ancient History and Mediterranean Archaeology (AHMA) at UC Berkeley and is an academic trustee of the Archaeological Institute of America (AIA).  His areas of interest include the archaeology of Roman and pre-Roman Italy, the Roman economy, ceramic analysis, and material culture studies.  He directs two research projects in Italy, the Palatine East Pottery Project (PEPP) and the Pompeii Artifact Life History Project (PALHIP).