Introductory Polish (Slavic 25A)


Department of Slavic Languages and  Literatures, UC Berkeley

I developed a course plan and introduced a new textbook to the Department's teaching curriculum - Hurra. Po polsku, which I used for four consecutive semesters (part 1 and 2 of the textbook). This book has a communicative approach to language learning and it is in Polish only, which allowed me to use as little English as possible in the classroom. Because the grammatical explanations are restiricted to minimum in this textbook, I supplemented it with copies from other books, as well as my own handouts.

As a final project, students chose a Polish silent cartoon from the Bolek i Lolek and Zaczarowany ołówek series, and created their own dialogs. They recorded them and synchronized with the cartoon, and provided Polish subtitles.