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Journal Articles

"Moderating Revolution: V.S. Srinivasa Sastri, Toussaint Louverture, and the Civility of Reform," The Comparatist 41, 2017: 132-151 [pdf]
"Everyday stories: The people's archive and the rural in 'new' India,"
Studies in South Asian Film & Media 7:1+2, 2016: 71-88 [pdf]
"The Smithsonian Beside Itself: Exhibiting Indian Americans in the Era of New India," Verge: Studies in Global Asias 1.2, University of Minnesota Press, 2015: 158-191

"The Rhetoric of Return: Diasporic Homecoming and the New Indian City," Room One Thousand 3, Global Urban Humanities Initiative, 2015: 308-335 [pdf]
"Thinking 'What We Are Doing': V.S. Naipaul and Amitav Ghosh on Being in Diaspora, History, World," South Asian Review 32.3, South Asian Literary Association, 2011: 49-70 [pdf]

Book Chapters

"Teaching South Asian Women's Writing to South Asian Students," Teaching Anglophone South Asian Women's Writing, eds. Deepika Bahri and Filippo Menozzi (MLA Teaching Options volume, under contract)
"Unmoored: Passing, Slumming, and Return-Writing in New India," Postcolonial Urban Outcasts: City Margins in South Asian Literature, eds. Madhurima Chakraborty and Umme Al-Wazedi, pp. 95-112 (London and New York: Routledge, 2016)

Review Essays

"Cricket and the Future of India," Public Books, 30 Jun 2017
Review of
The Thought of Nirad C. Chaudhuri: Islam, Empire, and Loss," SCTIW Review, 24 Jan 2017 [pdf]
"Divisions of Labor: Between Cheah's Worlds,"
Qui Parle: Critical Humanities and Social Sciences 25.1-2, 2016, 243-261 [pdf]
"A Graphic Novelist Captures the Paradoxes of Living in the 'New India'," N, 13 Aug 2016
"Cosmopolitans in Indian Fiction," Public Books, 15 May 2016
"A Small Place in the World," American Book Review 36.6, 2015: 10, 15 [pdf]
"Devouring Coolie Bodies: On Raj Kamal Jha's She Will Build Him a City," post45 Contemporaries, 23 Nov 2015
The Allegory of India's Daughter," L.A. Review of Books, 17 Jun 2015
Everyday India,” Public Books , 1 Apr 2015
"Lost Footage from a Dual Pilgrimage Home," The Margins/AAWW, 27 Jan 2015
Complicity and Critique,” Public Books, 15 Oct 2014
Lahiri, High and Low,” Public Books, 20 Jan 2014 
"Review of Object Lessons," Women & Performance: a journal of feminist theory 23.2: 314-317
If ‘You’ Were A Rich Man,” Public Books, 20 Jun 2013
"Review of Passing: When People Can’t Be Who They Are, Women & Performance: a journal of feminist theory 15.1: 313-318

Select Freelance Contributions

"The Slow Strangulation of a South Asian Magazine,", 20 Dec 2016 [pdf]
"Pressure Cooker: Does high school have to mean high stress?" India Currents, 1 Oct 2016 [pdf]
"Bobby Jindal and the Hyphenated American," Guernica, 5 Aug 2015
"Whose Currents?Himal Southasian 27.4, 2014: 12-22 [pdf]
"True Stories," The Caravan, 1 May 2014 [pdf]
"'What is called / her own life': An Old(s) Collection Made New," A.Bradstreet, 20 Nov 2013
"Beyond the American Story," openDemocracy.net2008

Other Publications

"God on Display (2005)" and "Man on Display (2005)," Kartika Review, 15 Mar 2017
"P[art]icipatory Urbanisms: Arts of the Global City," UC Berkeley Social Science Matrix, 1 Mar 2016
"Statistics and Queer Theory,"
UC Berkeley Social Science Matrix, 9 Dec 2015
"Is there a New India? A Conversation with Shashi Tharoor,"
Education About Asia 20.3 (Winter 2015): 5-7 [pdf]
"Staging the Exchange: Learning to Read and Write Beyond Similarity and Opposition," UC Berkeley GSI Teaching & Resource Center, 2015
"Misreading (in) Modernity: Frederic Jameson and Takeuchi Yoshimi Read Lu Xun," Georgetown Critical Theory 2.1, 2007: 117-134 [pdf]

Monthly column in India Currents magazine (three print editions and online), 2001-2016. Articles syndicated by Khabar, New America Media, SJBeez, and The Aerogram.

Select award-winning essays from IC column:

"Pressure Cooker: Does high school have to mean high stress?" (2017 New America Media Award)
"Epsilon's Worldly Possessions" (2014 Greater Bay Area Journalism Award)
"Approximating H-4" (2014 Greater Bay Area Journalism Award)
"Overseas Anybody" (2013 New America Media Award)
"Writing 'Ethnic' in America" (2012 CA Journalism Award; New America Media Award)
"Model What?" (2008 New America Media Award)

Select research-/academy- related essays from IC column:

"On Writing the Acknowledgments" (May 2016)
"On the Difficulty of Making Friends" (February 2016)
"You Lose it in a Generation" (July 2015)
"Anxieties about English" (April 2015)
"Rehearsing Return" (August 2014)
"An Indian on Indians" (June 2014)
"What the Goddess Says" (May 2014)
"Remember the Call Center?" (June 2013)
"Shadows in the Archives" (December 2012)
"What is Rhetoric?" (October 2010)
"Boomerangs and Exiles" (December 2008)
"Stories Without Limits" (June 2008)
"Hyphenated Writing" (May 2008)

Select personal essays from IC column:

"To My Uncle Shashi on his 60th Birthday" (March 2016)
"There Lived a Certain Man in Russia Long Ago" (November 2015)
"Chasing the Dissertation Mouse" (October 2015)

"The Order of Things" (August 2015)
"Cutting the Umbilical Cord" (March 2015) 
"57th and Maryland" (October 2014)
"Mrinalini's Mississippi" (February 2014)
"Grandpa's Table" (February 2013) 
"Grandmother Tongue" (February 2010) 
"And Even the Dogs Won't Bark" (February 2007)